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We’re currently looking for an Assistant Manager


Company Purpose: To provide the perfect piece of jewellery for every occasion.

Job Purpose: To greet, engage with and serve customers. To assist the Director.

Main Responsibilities:  To oversee the efficient and effective operation of the store. Ensure all staff are involved with customers, working together to achieve the desired customer experience: delivering a perfect piece for their special occasion.

  1. Sales

To handle customer enquiries, requests, orders, returns and complaints. To do so in a friendly, efficient, and effective manner that is in line with customer expectations and the business goals.

Ensuring that you:

  • Provide an excellent standard of sales advice, service, and customer care – including comprehensive product information.
  • Provide a customer journey that details the best sellers, alternative products, new products, and promotions.
  • List new products and stock on the website within 10 days of arrival.
  • Close the sale with confidence and produce a valuation if necessary.
  • Carry out all till point operations in line with company guidance.
  1. Staff Support

To support the staff in providing the desired customer experience: delivering the perfect piece for their special occasion.

Ensuring that you:

  • Engage with all staff members and involve them in the implementation of business improvement ideas. This applies to both the shop floor and back office. For example: displaying new stock, or a more efficient repairs system.
  • Supervise staff, providing the right training and constructive feedback.
  • Communicate what is expected of staff members to meet, and hopefully exceed, performance standards.
  • Create a positive environment in which colleagues’ welfare is considered and communicated.
  • Take responsibility for the ambience and feel of the store on a day-to-day basis. This includes factors such as light, warmth, cleanliness etc.
  • Set an example for staff – particularly on how to deal with customers. Prioritising what needs to be done, rather than what they like to do, and the completion of tasks in a timely manner.
  1. Operations

To provide a retail environment that customers feel is clean, tidy, and welcoming. Make the staff feel safe and secure.

Ensuring that you:

  • Initiate and lead morning team meetings; open the shop with a fellow member of staff, display the Jewellery window and make a list of shop tasks to delegate.
  • Undertake office duties. Such as opening & allocating incoming post, organise any outgoing post and orders, update customer diary and book out Harrisons repairs.
  • Meet with your Director once a month to discuss the store’s performance relating to staff, stock, sales, prices, display, promotions, opportunities, and any issues that have arisen.
  • Create aesthetically pleasing VM displays. This includes windows and instore cabinets. Presenting a fresh display for new product launches, occasions, and seasons for all High-End Jewellery.
  • Keep the office organised by filling up order cards, stationary, gift wrap and manage the cleaning rota for back of shop areas.
  • Assist the Director with the end of day security procedures such as closing the shop, locking safes and from time-to-time, the till procedures.


Essential: Minimum 5 years management experience
Desirable: Previous retail experience
Position: Permanent – FULL TIME
Hours: 5 days per week (8.30am-5.30pm) – including Saturdays
Salary is negotiable depending on experience.

If this sounds like a role for you, please send a CV and cover letter to Charlotte at:

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